Dat new phone by Motorola ...... Motot Rocker seems pretty decent.

But i've got a Sony Ericsson .... dis phone rocks boss


how about the crappy overpriced, over hyped, over rated, over everything iphone?
who's going to buy that piece of crap.


Apple fanboys, thats who. I mean, wtf is with the price. Its not out in the UK yet but when it is its gonna be a huge mark up (macs are £100-300 more here than they are in the US)


I mean, if you just need a cell phone, buy razr, they're 50 USD with 50 USD mail in rebates, so you're paying nothing.


I've thrown away my cell phone about three years ago. (I was happy with the phone, but angry with the carrier - the one with the trench coat guy.) I had a Kyocera smartphone - it had a built-in palm.

I've been happy ever since. ;)


thye phone u hve depends on ,,,which part of the world u recide.... coz differnt ppl have diffrent favouries


hey M_K_Higa, can you hear me now?

Huh? What did you say?:)

Maybe if I'd gone with the "can you hear me now?" guy, I'd still have a cell. But for now, I live in a cave. :'(


I would suggest either a Blackberry, a Sony Ericsson (like you mentioned) or a Blackjack if you're on Cingular (I love the Blackjack...).


Omgosh! I can't believe that can actually happen... how is this possible? That is simply amazing.

I'm scared to talk on the phone now. ;)


>>I'm scared to talk on the phone now.

well don't be. This was the reason why all the Mobile's Companies came up with the Headset and bluetooth stuff. I guess i should start a thread with that link. i should know what people's opinions are..


What would be a good plan for a teen-wannabe? (Other than, "Shut up! Get a job. Buy your own damn crap.")

How healthy is your bank account?.

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Happy Independence Day! :)

Look up.

No time. No time. I am late, I am late. No time. So many posts to attend,
and so little time. I got to hurry. Juicy posts, juicy gossip everywhere. I am late. No time to waste.


Thanks for your suggestions guys...
I really like Samsung, LG, and Nokia phones...
I've heard that Motorola isn't as good as people say, almost all of my friends have a Razer and they messed up in the first month. But I do think they're really cool in appearance.

personally you'd be wise to stay away from the motorola's, i bought a pink RZR V3 for my sister when they first came out; looks nice but usless, batter won't last the whole day!

samsung are pretty good, the U600 would be a good buy, also the D600 with 3D sound.

although i currently have an orange SPV M700 (HTC) which is pretty cool, windows mobile 5. whereas most sony ericsson's run on the symbian platform which means they are generally a lot more stable than the others.

hope this helps,

Dazza :cool:

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thanks ;)
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