Well, now that I have read a few intro's, I feel like an old man in a frat house.
Something about me,..../?????? hmmmmm.
Well I was born very young, as the years went by I got older and taller too. Ooops, not that story again.
Actually I stumbled across these forums while looking for a solution to a problem I have experienced so very often, the dreaded "svchost - 100% usege" dilemma. I found some very helpful information and figured, being a self taught computer builder and troubleshooter, this could help me to help others. I am male, married for 29 years this July 22nd :mrgreen: . I have four daughters and now four grand daughters. They all have computers and I get to fix them when they have problems. (Lucky me :sad:)
I am a serving member in the Australian Army, and this is where I am able to help other people with their computers as well. Over the last 5 years, I have built on average, 20 computers a year for my service friends. Almost never have and comebacks, except for issues with software. All the systems I build are customised to the end users requirement and every one is more than happy.
Outside of work and computers, I enjoy time with my family, motorcyle riding and flying. Almost forgot, I love to cook and invent in the kitchen. I have recently decided that I might like to play with miniture gauge (N) model railroads, so I am venturing into that area too.
What do I do with computers personally? Well I like Sims, mostly combat flight types, although the odd race is a hoot too. Strategy such as Command and Conquer are fun too.
Music tastes, well Enya is great, Weird Al is great, but headbanging is not so good. Old age coming out :lol:.
Fav food, most asian style cooking, seafood :p and the home style roasts. Not much on desserts, prefer a second helping of the main if its a good one.
Well thats probably enough on me for now.
What I hope to get from these forums, is knowledge and support that you cannot find anywhere else. What can I give, well thats an unknown, but if I find something useful, I will share it. How often will I log in, who knows, life does not multi task so well for me :p

Cheers to you all,

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I really like the Star wars parodies, they are a real hoot!

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