Can you sing?


Are you ready to make an album introducing me?


Are you willing to help me produce this album?


Will you come with me for shopping?


Will you come with me for shopping?

yes.. on one condition you get me a pair of nike sneakers :twisted:

Can daniweb make me a moderator?

in the future, probably yes (but you have to be asked)

Do you want to have children with only one woman?

commented: ha ha. funny. +7


Do you like joint-family(Most indians have)?

Joint-family? does that mean mixed race? if so then yeh, i have no problem with that.


do you speak waaay to much (i know i do lol)

not really, im a bit of a larry

do you?

eh, yeah I guess.

do you eat breakfast regularly?

yes, soon. Its only 10pm

sorry, um..... are you an aunt or uncle?