yes, iced tea. =)

do you live with your parents?

Yes (well, i am 17)

Tea with milk, or tea with lemon?

tea with lemon. tea with milk? - i've never heard of that.

fruits or vegetables?

Early gray with lemon. Honey is also nice.

Fruit. (not a yes no question is it?, sorry i think i started that with the tea thing. That post was supposed to go in the this or that thread. Copy and paste gone wrong ;) )

Do you like sport?

yes ~ tennis is best!

Do you like Dell?

No no no no no

Do you like college

yes ~ better than school!

Do you like rome?

Dont mention place names you retard now some psycho knows where we live :( :(

Hurry up and maybe youll be in time to edit it


Cars or Motorbikes

Cars by a mile! ~ i love em!

Train or plane

Cars or Motorbikes

wrong thread. this is the yes or no one.

Woops! Gah so confusing!

Silly You and silly me for reply! lol

Do you like to travel?

Yes (gah i hate going to scotland!!!!!!!))

Battlefield 2 or 2142?

Why u little......
Wrong thread twit!

Oh no i did it again!!

I forgot to make it yes/no!!!!!

New one, am i an idiot?

it should be:
Do u like the game battlefield 2?


Do you like macs?

No ~ daft iTunes

Do you like Ipods?


(I like pocketpcs)

Do you like General Studies?

NOOO ~ waste of my and everyones time

Do you like Earthquakes?

no, too many deaths.

do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

girldfriend no :(

Do you know who the band Simple Minds are?


No :( (definately not a boyfriend hehe)

No (hate rap)

Do you like rock/metal?

yes and no... i like rock but not metal.

do you want to get married someday?

Yes (but civil ceremony, dont believe in church , plus i was never christened)

Do you want to be buried?

Yes (but being a teenager is kinda cool)

Are you thin?