Yes, It has strangely been rainy for the past month

Are you enjoying your weather?

Yes, it's been dry and hot. :)

Are you a hard worker?


Are you intresting kind of person?


Would you like to visit America?


do you own any stock?


Are you interesting in investing?

lol.. uh, sure.

Would you like to own any stock in a company?

No(its really good)

Are u college student?

no, Senior in hs! :)

do you want to earn a Bachelor's Degree in something?

No.. a Doctorate =)

Do you want to go to medical school?

haha.. ? no

Did you mean to say, "Would you do great in medical school"

No...(i like engineering..)

Do you want to become an engineer?


Are you to be a computer engineer?

No, I'm going into the medical field. =)

Are you sleepy?

Yes i am!!!

Do you like COLD baked beans?

no, i hope i could

is light important?


do you enjoy eating?

yes, a little too much. ;o)

do you enjoy horror movies?


do you like cobras