Do you wanna join Hogwarts?


Do you play other games ?

Yes (preferrably Quidditch)

Would you prefer "Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows" book over "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" movie?

No, do you ever think of anything else besides Harry Potter?

Yes (You!)

Is Mathematics your best subject?

Yes...i am in love
do like this thread???

does your love make you feel special???

Are you preparing to sleep???


Do you consider yourself above average in athletics?

Have you ever ben to india

Yes (In fact, I AM in India)

Does the fragrance of Narcissus in lonely nights drives you mad?

No, have not shaved for 25 years or more.

Have you a beard ?


have you ever been in a fight

no , chedder all the way :p

Have you ever been surfing (on water not on the internet :P )?

commented: yummy! me agrees ^,^ +3