Uhmmm I think I can't answer that with a yes or a no. hehehe. I was just curious sweety. Go ahead, ask another one.


btw i added you way b4 this thread and seen your beer comment and also noticed your close to my age.......

are you in the united states?


Yeah, you're in my network now. :) Thanks btw! Hahaha. Beer is food. lol.

uhmmm, nope.

Is your hair long? lol.


did usee my post in the what r u eating/drinking right now forum?

where r u then?

and actually i just got a haircut and its about 1 1/2 - 2 inches below shoulder length and its got choppy layers u?(describe for me)


Yeah. Hahaha. That's uhmmm ahhhh...awesome? lol. You drink beer without eating anything. Tsk tsk.

From the land of the pearl of the orients.

It's short then' ei. My hair? hahaha. Very short.

Do you like blankets?

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