No.. Don't know how to...

Do you jog in the morning...

I would like to... but I don't have the time...

Do you watch family Guy?

No. I hate that show.

Do you have a Myspace or Facebook username?

Only when lightly salted.

Do you enjoy walking?

Not as much as running....

do you like Fishing


Do you use Linux/UNIX over Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X?


this is yes and no game only

do you use MS windows>?

yes I do...

Do you use wireless internet?

yes...but my built in card is broken...

Do you like satellite TV?

Yes, I live in the Caribbean.

Are you a penguin?


Have you ever wished that you live in New Zealand?

Are you a penguin?


No I would rather live in Florida or the Carribean...

Do you like cell phones?


Do you enjoy writing?

Not as much as typing ha ha...

Do you like spinach?


Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Yes... In some fields...

Do you have allergies? least none that I know of....

Do you know Binary?


Do you like books more than movies?


Do you like sleeping?

Yes... Kind of habit...

Do you like car?


Do you like snow?


Doyou like MAC OS?

You've ever been to the caribbean for vacation?

Yes, Really Much...

Do you like chinese food??