No, never.

Do you have a car? which car is it?


(It is a toy car..Lego Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano)

Do you love Japanese Anime?..

no... never watched them.

do you know about page rank?


Do you have a website? What is it about?

no i don't have one...:'(

do you know the prg language in which google is implemented?

As per my general knowledge Python is the programming language in which google is implemented.

Do you know the year when google was formed?

sometime around 1998-99...:-/

you like me?:$ :)


Do you want to help me w/ my assignment?...

may be.. if i can...:| :)

are u a student?


Is pooh - your favorite character?...


You are supposed to ask the next question.

What should be the next question ?

ok.. i will continue..

What fast food do you like?

ok.. i will continue..

What fast food do you like?

You did not answer my question.


do you find listening to music interesting?

Almost nothing written since 1960. Singers nowdays just make noise, not music, although they have gotten a little better in the last 5 years.

what is your favorite job?


is the infraction is your valentine gift for me?.. ahihihihihihi...

If you like it that way.

What are the reason you are here ?

To learn new things and to share my knowledge.

Why you are here ?

To party!!! ahihihihihihi..


I am here to cause I like to have some fun along the way.

Do you like reading ?

Yes. Very much! *great question*

Do you agree? =P

Yes, I agree.

Wouldn't a majority of them agree ?

Yes, i agree.

What books do you like to read?

Well thats not a yes/no question exactly. But I like to read socio-politics books, technical books - java, software designing, etc and some times just good fiction/thriller stories.

Do you swimming ?

Yes, I swimming. =P

Are you mad?

I guess not.

Are you in your senses ?