No. (I'm in pizza-overnight-mode.)

Do you ever get tired of pizza and caffeine?

yes.. anyway it is for adults...

do you want chocomilk & toasted bread?..

Yes would like.

Do you make it nice ?


do you feel sleepy right now?..

no.. I made the world oval..

do you believe in me?..

Very Hard to do that.

Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks ?

no.. they take tea not coffee

do you love wearing swimsuit?..

no because it's winter

do you love to throw things at fat people? I do.

yes if in need.. why not.. :twsted:

do love throw yourself at fat people?.. I do.. it feels great..

No, I don't love to throw myself at anybody.

Do you love winter ?

yes... I have my own winter (even rain,autumn,spring) inside my bathr..

have you tried eating snow?..

yes, the snow balls falling from sky.

Have you ever done skiing?

No, but snow boarding.

Do you like the cold weather?

yes.. when it is hot..

Do you like the cold weather?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you like animals?

Yes... especially those which don't bites. I have bitten once by our cat when i was small.

Do you think bush deserves the shoe thrown on him in a conference?

No, i don't want it.

Why do you have shameless reputation in past?

yes I'm an idiot..............

why di you asked?>

Just seen your reputations icon. that's why.

Do you hesitate to answer to questions?

yes, I don't know...

Do you love making questions


Do you like hot to stroll on sand without any footwear ?

Yes, simply love it.

Why don't you like it ?

coz, i have never tried it.

Have you ever made a castle of sand on a beach?

Not a castle actually, but a few hillocks with tunnels in them, yes.

Did you make a castle ?

I don't know, i never really like beach, other things i have made but not castles.....

Do you like water, like beach water and salty water?

Yes I do, I like beaches very much.

Do you like'em ?

Yes, i like them very much.

Which season do you like?