Can anyone tell how to post graphs in the Maple 11 software program. I am trying to work Properties of Trees such as(Spanning Trees, Depth-First Search, Rooted Trees and Binary Trees and Traversals). The topics I am using basically deals with graphs. I would like to place my graph into the worksheet. However the program does not recognize my graph. In the example page there are several graphs, I figured the program would allow me to replace the computer generate graph with my personal graph. This is not the case. I am sure the intent is to import/export my graph but it is just not happening for me.

Can anyone help me out. For example I want to input a graph and determine if that graph is a tree or I am trying to input a graph to determine the breadth-first algorith to find a spanning tree. All these attributes are located in the program and it appears to be a good peice of software to have but its not working in my favor.


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I take it that you can't answer the question. I have read the instruction. I am looking for someone that my have experience the same problem that can provide appropriate assistance.

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