Hey everyone, let me start off by saying that I'm really excited to be here! I know that I can Learn a lot from you guys, and I'm very appreciative!

So, about my crush. His name is Kevin, and he's in no way computer illiterate like I am! I try to understand the things he talks about, but he can't really explain it in my learning style. I think very metaphorically, am very visual (example color coding lines to organize them), and like to make comparisons to make things simpler to understand. Anyway, it's Kevin's birthday on May 7th, and to show him I care, and am trying to make an effort in his interests, I would love to make him a simple "hello world". However, This hello world will say "Happy Birthday Kevin"

I was hoping that someone could, not just give me the answer, but also explain to me what different Lines of the program mean. For example: "Line one means computer I'm about to write a program"
Then, explain to me the workings of the individual lines.

Your help will be very, very appreciated! Thankyou

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hey awesome.....great thought keep going......Kevin must be the luckiest one.....just select in what programming language u wud like to write the programme......c,c++,java etc.........as i am a java freak......i wud recommend java.......


...c,c++,java etc.........as i am a java freak......i wud recommend java.......

Kevin says he likes C/C++, but I hear that's awful hard for newbies. Java sounds good to me, and since your a java freak, I'm sure that'll be easier for you to teach me. What exactly is java, though? Do you use it to write web pages?


you can use java for prettymuch anything from phone games to websites to standard apps. I would personally recommend Visual Basic. Its free and easy to use.

C++ isnt that hard really if you do want to go that route.

e.g to simply print hello world to a console (like a dos prompt)

#include <iostream>
    cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;
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