This is something I am interested in opinions on.

First, a little background. At work, the CIO made a discussion blog on the company intranet. He posts a blog, then anyone can reply to it with their thoughts. The CIO or some other high up person will make some replies as well.

This past week the CIO made a blog about how projects are handled. One person replied by criticizing upper management for setting goals but not having a plan to achieve them. The CIO replied along the lines of: it is my job to set the goals and to measure if the goals are being met, it is the job of the people on the team to figure out how the goal will be accomplished.

This got me thinking, whose job is it to plan out how a project will be done? In a general sense, I think those in leadership positions should set the goals for a project, and have a plan laid out for achieving those goals. It is the job of the workers to execute that plan.


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I think the CIO is right -- he sets the goals and its up to subordinates to figure out how to achieve them. My supervisor when I was on active duty in the US armed forces once told me "If I tell you to cut the grass don't ask me how to do it." Similar situation here. I would think there is one or more management levels between the people on the bottom and the CIO at the top. Its the job of those managers to determine how to achieve the goals, not the job of the workers at the bottom, unless of course there are no other management levels.

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