OK...I'll post a food or beverage you tell me if you like it,hate it,havent tried it and then leave another food or beverage for the next unsuspecting soul. Sound like fun?

Lets begin :)


commented: interesting game. ;) +8

like it

black pudding

Haven't tried it.


like it

venison steak in red wine

hate it

sirloin steak

you hate Korean food? =( you're a first.

like it.

scuba diving?

hate it


(we never really get korean food here but i doubt i would like it, dont they (allegedly) eat dogs or something?)

lol, I'm half Korean.. and yes, sometimes they do... but it is verrry rare that they actually have this dish. They never cook it in restaurants or anything.

hate it.

roller coasters?

like it

so , is korean food more like japanese, thai or chinese?

btw you dont look very korean but then again you dont always i suppose, we got this guy in my computing class who is half chinese and you would never have guessed...


like it. :)

it would be more like Japanese with a little more spice.

yeah, a lot of people don't know that I am.

ice skating?

like it

soccer (football)

went to see an awesome match on saturday. MK Dons are in the league 2 playoffs oh yeah!

like watching it, hate playing it. ;)


like it (but its not really a sport here, you might play it at school but its never on tv - i dont even think there is a league)


haven't tried it.
(at first I thought you were talking about the insect. =p)


havent tried it actually


Yes i like to skate :) (Im not good at it though)


like it

scotch pies

havent tried it

Battlefield 2