Hello just wanted to introduce myself to all you ine people out there
I have just recently decided to change me attitude my occupation and my Brand of cereal(dont ask )

currently working as a phone operator, which I no longer enjoy (Due to QA).
I am now seeking knowledge of programming and computing
I have just completed an A+ course and a cisco ccna course they do not get me riled up the way programing does so I think I will invest my time and energy into learning how to program,
any and all help would be appreciated .

I have just purchased "How to program Object oriented design with the UML" 4ed Deitel & Deitel
whats the next step ?

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Lemme be the first to welcome you, Welcome Aboard Daniweb... I hope your change of attitude and occupation is for the better, I won't ask about the cereal brand change. I'd also wish you good luck on your interest to learn programming. All of us here at Daniweb hopes for your success on your new endeavor... :)


Zandiago and ayman123
You need to stop posting on old threads. Check the date there is no need to welcome someone who has been a member for 3 years!

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Thats make sense
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