Hi all.

I am new today and thought that I had better start out by introducing myself.

I am studying IT at university in Australia *very much* part-time while working in both administration and IT support at a non-government organisation that supports people with spinal injuries.

I have several interests outside IT (and study) but learning is the one thing that I enjoy no matter how other things in my life are going.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and that I hope I will see you around the forums (and other parts of the site) shortly!!


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Hi Kahlia, welcome to DaniWeb. You are wrong on one thing though, I am me, you are you. :)

Hello and welcome to daniweb!

Thats a really nice name - Kahlia.

whoa nice one,Kahlia. welcome to daniweb see yah

Welcome kahlia. Are you an indian?

No actually I'm an australian. The parental units just liked the sound of the name I guess.

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australia is cool