no death penalty in the uk. The news said shed been offered a deal by portugal where she only faces 2 years if she confesses. 2 years - wtf!

that is so unjust and unfair to the little girl. I hope that if the mother does get her two years she is killed while in prison.

I don't know ... I heard it said they (police), found blood in a car they (the parents), had rented ... if the child died from an (I heard) 'accidential overdose' then why would it be blood in a car? That doesn't make sense. But what does make sense is that children are clumsy. She might have fallen and cut herself or something.

I don't think we should jump to any conclusions about the guilt of the parents. It's a terrible situation, I think we'll all agree. If the parents are guilty ... it's an even worse one! I couldn't believe that might happen though. Or maybe I don't want to.

The news said the blood was found in a car rented a number of days after she went missing implying that she was moved

>> after she went missing implying that she was moved
Oh. Damn.


That I did not know.

from bbc: (i paraphrased it a bit)

The BBC understands that the police put it to Mrs McCann that she was somehow responsible for the accidental death of Madeleine inside the apartment.

They went on to say that with the help of her husband she then hid the body temporarily and then moved it later using the couple's hire car.

Mrs McCann's uncle Brian Kennedy said:

"The notion that even accidentally they killed their daughter, hid her body, then put her body in a car hired 25 days later while the glare of the international publicity is on them, and when they are always with friends and family, is fatuous beyond words. I just find the notion repulsive."

Mr Corner had previously said Mrs McCann had told him officers had tried to "cut her a deal" where she would serve only two years in jail if she confessed but Portugal-based British journalist Paul Luckman told the BBC that under Portuguese law there is a set sentence for each crime which not even a judge can change. He said it would be simply not possible for the police to make such a deal. Local lawyer Oliveira Trindade said: "Legally, if the prosecutor has enough evidence they have to charge the arguidos within the next 10 days.

I dont think it was an accident...

WHY TRY AND HIDE IT????? (If it was)

I have always thought the parents were involved,after seeing them on TV WAY TOO CALM!!

and you know how they raised a fund of millions. They are very well off - they dont need the cash and apparently the dad guy was trying to get his hands on it so i think maybe they did it as a money scam (if they did indeed kill her)

Well they are both doctors (or a similar position) , so they would know how to cover their tracks if they were guilty....
But that portugal police deal, wth are they thinking?!? What a ridiculus solution, come clean and get less, what is wrong with their police force, that's like a bribe.

i dont know.. it is really terrible if the parents are the perpetrators of this crime
hopefully they are not in any way part of this..

It looks like they are :(