Anyone who is curious as to what happygeek really looks like can see the real me, tattoos and all, on Channel 4 News in the UK tonight, starting at 7pm.

They are interviewing me about the breaking news story which was posted exclusively here on DaniWeb yesterday.

For those outside of the UK, the broadcast should be available at the Channel 4 News website later.

Tell your friends, or perhaps warn them to keep the TV off...

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Sweet.. I'm glad we have a Daniweb member who is "an Internet journalist specializing in security" :)
you are not ugly =_= !!
+20 to you.. ;-)
you are cool ;)
Awesome and congrats! Kudos for Davey
great article. and yes, you did 'do the right thing'. great job
You really are something. Hats off!! :)
congrats! :o)
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    [quote=happygeek;367619] So you [B]will [/B]get to be scared by the big ugly tattooed brute that is happygeek :)[/quote] You better be really ugly, if not I'm going to be disappointed now. Fame and beauty. That would be too much for me. ;) Read More


Scrap that, they want to make it a bigger story and are running with it tomorrow night now as by the time the interview was recorded and edited they couldn't do it justice otherwise.

So watch for me tomorrow instead :)


Are you going to plug daniweb on it?

/has noticed the screenies in your PC Pro column


Congratulations Mr.Davey. There is a problem.. we don't get channel 4 news in India. Are they broadcasting it in any other channels?


There is a web broadcast on the Channel 4 news website as linked to in the original post here. They show the full news bulletin, and there will no doubt be coverage on the website as well - hopefully with a link to us here at DaniWeb.

The film crew has just left, I had DaniWeb on all my PC screens during the interview :)


Awesome, I missed channel four today, what time and channel are you on tomorrow!

It didn't air today as they wanted to do some more filming with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK, VFS Global in India and myself.

It will now be the lead story on Channel 4 News tomorrow at 7pm, unless a better story comes along in which case it will get shoved further down the list but will still be a bug featured story anyway. I hope...


wow that was an amazing article. great job

+2 kudos

Thanks. I am pleased with it, especially as it looks like getting the national/international exposure it deserves. When governments screw up this badly they need to be kicked very hard and very openly in my opinion.


Hey, how come you get to be the center of attraction everytime? ;-)

Congratulations Davey. *thumbs up*

Hey, at least you will be able to see my tattoo work at last :)


i want to see happygeek on TV :'( ..

Check out th Channel 4 News website as they have the full news broadcast streamed online. I don't think it goes out live, but will be available from 8pm GMT after the TV airing has finished I would imagine. The website will also carry a news story based upon the DaniWeb investigation.

So you will get to be scared by the big ugly tattooed brute that is happygeek :)


So you will get to be scared by the big ugly tattooed brute that is happygeek :)

You better be really ugly, if not I'm going to be disappointed now.
Fame and beauty. That would be too much for me. ;)

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Well it has aired, was the lead story on both lunchtime and 7pm main bulletin, got 10 minutes on the latter. No mention of DaniWeb unfortunatley, but Channel 4 has promised when it goes on the website (tomorrow) there will be a link to us here. The video of the broadcast will go up on the Channel 4 website tomorrow as well.

So, any UK members see it? I wasn't fibbing about being an ugly brute, was I? :)


My right arm 'sleeve' is 90% finished, just a little more skin around the shoulder and under the bicep needs inking. Then I move to start the left sleeve, incorporating the tattoos I already have on that arm :)


The Channel 4 News website has the story up, and the video of the report here.

We get a link, as the 'blog which carried the story' but rather predictably the way it has been reported turns it into a Channel 4 exclusive - I am relegated to 'an Internet journalist specialising in security' and don't even get a name check on the site. Oh well, to be honest I don't mind as I just wanted the story to get out there and the security breach publicised.

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