Someone at my school sent an email to the President threatening him a few years ago. They came to the school, looked at the video cameras that were in the library and found out who was on that specific computer and the time and arrested him.

hahaha.. idiot..

Speaking of idiots, there was this black dude who called in a bomb threat on a school pay phone (Despite the cameras pointed at the phone, AND the huge sign that said: "If you call in a bomb threat, you will be caught."). He was arrested and sent to STAR (Some alternate jail thingy). The very first day he was back in school, guess what? The dumbass did the same thing again!

Yea, because so many idiots had called in threats I guess.. school is stupid as hell in the way it handles threats and stuff.It seems that they care more about attendance than fights.There are so many fights,I should start selling tickets and arrange them.

haha.. yea, our school has an open campus, and gave us a 90 minute lunch period for a semester.. but there were sooo many fights, people doing drugs, drinking, and having sex that they had to cut it back to 45 minutes :(

How would that help.It would only take away some drinking and smoking time.

SpiderMan 3
Not the best of the three in series, but yet, A nice movie

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Ah sm3.The best movie coming out next year is probably going to be Iron Man.Though the Logan a.k.a Wolverine movie movie should be good, if they get the guy who played him in the X-Men to play him.Then again,not many people care about the comics anymore.

I liked the Xmen movies but I never saw the second one. I saw the other two.

I never watched the xmen movies.I'll love the wolve one though.Need to make a doctor strange one.

spiderman 3 sucks i hated the ending why did harry had to die why he was cool and stronger than spiderman and he sacrificed him self to save him thats just a lie why didn't he jump a little late and kick the hover craft away from spiderman you see they just want to make me upset :'(

That is pretty good, more exciting, having cool 3D graphics, and fully action. I had played this game a lot of time, but will like to play again.

Spider man has a lot of fans all over the world, which is a different character and does not exist as real, all over the world.

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I personally think, they should stop on these themes now, its enought.
what you guys say ?

I heard that the protagonist on Spiderman will be a new actor I read about it on the other forum.

Carnage is so cute! It is a game, you can fight Morbius, so probably will not be qualified 4. Well, I hope there will be someone who knows what his aides called kingpin.does? He is confined to a wheelchair, and get a series of mutants.

Nice movie but not enough better to compete Spider man 1.