Good thing these guys had bad aim! (Doesnt it hurt to get hit by paintballs?)

Sons of @#$!s.
I wonder if any one got their car driving plate.
I'm sure many think is all fun.

aw, they're just kids. they'll grow out of it :icon_rolleyes:

that was sarcastic btw...

Wow... they need to get a life.

They sounded like they were a bit older than teens... =/ How sad.

And paintballs do hurt. Ooouch.... they give you huge whelps.

Yeah, I don't see how it is considered fun to shoot each other with those things... =p oh well.

i don't get it. Its just kids with paintball guns being idiots with very poor camera skills (ugh makes me motion sick) but its nothing i havn't seen on jackass before.

actually its fun im a paintballer and im sponsored by nestle so we get free paintball clothes and stuff and yeah they dont really hurt, it just depends were you get hit liek if you get hit anywere below the head it wont hurt unless ur a guy then you know what im talking about and also if you get hit in the mask by the mouth the paintball explodes and then you get chunks of the paintballs in ur mouth because there little holes and that burs and also if you get shot in the top of the head that hurts too but you gotta suck it up and keep playing

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Lol... well I'm a girl so I guess that's why I think it hurts so much.

yeah we have had a couple of paintball ranges open up recently in canberra(australia) and i have been thinking of getting a few people together and trying it out. Not sure if there is acctually an age limit here of 18 or not though here so i may have to wait till my birthday before i can go. I could definatly see some issues with doing it under 18 if ur pretty small and skrawny but being 6'2 and of a decent build i can't see any problems.

What age was it that you started paintballing?

the other drawback i can see is im not quite sure about the laws of owning a paintball gun in australia so i think your kind of restricted to using the guns supplied by the ranges.

I suppose ill have to look into it and give it a go.

i got shot in the soft part at the lower back of my head and i got a concussion. how cool is that

age limit is usually 15 here in the uk

if you can own an air/bb gun then i think you can own a paintball gun.

yeah i just had a quick look around about the laws in australia for owning a paintball marker and you have to have a firearms license in order to own one. Kind of pointless as you may as well just get a real gun at the rate although the only difference is u can acctually shoot people with paintball markers.

Luckily you can go to a range and just use the markers they have there i dunno about age limits but.

i live in canada and i have 3 paintball guns but i just have to have someone over 18 to coem and buy it with me sinceim 16 but theres no rule about how old u have to be to own one. and i started paint balling well when i have my first paint ball gun when i was 11 so ive been doing it for 5 years and its really expensive but we get free stuff like paint balls and clothing from nestle which helps us alot but the guns we get a 40% discount which also helps us alolt

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Paintball is fun. It doesn't hurt to get hit at all (well, the first time it does). I'm on a team with a bunch of friends. We've won several competitions since '04, when we got together, so yeah. It's fun.

so yeah. It's fun.

Playing is fun.

The video just shows vandalism, disrespect for people. All that it shows is the trend that plagues many idle young minds, selfishness.
They even had the arrogance of video taped their "aventure". With the purpose of boasting at later times, no doubt.
No regard for the others. Forget that it may or may not hurt, forget the embarrasment to the reciever, why these young men think that
they have the right to paint other people, and that is OK, in the name of fun and daringness.

Sorry but it is unacceptable to me.

I can see myself going down to an important meeting in a suit and these unresponsible men making my day a mess for a little fun.
Or my wife going to the doctor with one of my children, with her mind worried about the kid, and these thugs come along and add to
her stress.

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Well thats just you i suppose to be hounest i would acctually find it quite funny if someone drove past and shot me with a paintball gun but then maybe my life is just Dull

Well thats just you i suppose to be hounest i would acctually find it quite funny if someone drove past and shot me with a paintball gun but then maybe my life is just Dull

Let me know where you live, so I can take you up to the offert.
Just joking. ;)

Well thats just you i suppose to be hounest i would acctually find it quite funny if someone drove past and shot me with a paintball gun but then maybe my life is just Dull

Lol... I'm sure you'd be laughing after that, right?

I probably would be laughing u know as i said my life is probably pretty dull but i think that would make for a pretty good story.

I live in Canberra in Australia if anyone is interestedin shooting me.

Darn it!. The USA customs would not let me pass through the airport with such equipment

I don't think that Australian Customs would let you in anyway even if u did make it past the US customs

I guess you're right. It would be very hurful for all the kangaroos. :)

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> Well thats just you i suppose to be honest I would actually find it
> quite funny if someone drove past and shot me with a paintball gun.

What if its not you? What if its one of your close ones, loved ones? It looks to be all fun before it actually starts.

i would find it funny just so long as they didnt get blinded

hilarious footage ~ i would love to go paint-balling legit of course, not on the streets

...and with people who are actually playing with you, instead of taunting people sitting on benches. ;)

I thought it was pretty funny actually. Of course i'm the kind of person that only cares about my feelings. I could see how this would ruin your day. But for the people doing the paintballing fun; for the people getting shot annoying.

Fun should not be at expense of others.