Hey just curious to see what your top 5 southpark episodes of all time are if you do not know the name of the episode then you can find them at Mrtwig.

Also include your favorite quote of all time.

814- Woodland Critter Chrismas
912- Trapped in the closet
801- Good times with weapons
712- All about Mormons
306- Sexual harrasment panda

And my favorite Quote of all time is.

"If you don't win then this little boy is going to die faster then Steve Irwin in a tank full of stingrays" Doctor 1014- Stanley's Cup

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hahaa.. I love South Park!

My favorites are probably:

501: Scott Tenorman must die
801- Good times with weapons
Episode 709 - Christian Rock Hard
Episode 506 - Cartmanland
1107- Night of the homeless

And I have to say, 1103 lice capades had to be the worst ever!

D-Yikes was hillarious.. season 11 was awesome except for 1103..

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