Hi All,

I am a new member with very little IT knowledge. I have a pretty old computer which I have upgraded myself(hardware) to it's limit. I am using dial-up 56k modem at this time and will be installing an ethernet card or using an external device to speed things up a bit. I am a chemist for a living and use the net mostly to email friends, shop(ebay) or find info. I also chat with my Fiance, sometimes with the webcam/headset and my computer can barely maintain all that at once. I am interested in learning more about IT, but I just bought a house and I will be doing a lot of work on it, so my internet time will be limited. I am a hands on type and can fix almost anything mechanical. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for me, feel free.

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Welcome to Daniweb, hope you will find your help here. :)

Welcome to Daniweb! Sweet, a chemist.. Maybe you can help me with my chemistry homework ;) lol

Welcome to Daniweb, see you around ^^


do you mean chemist as in industrial chemistry or chemist as in pharmacy ?

I work in a contract lab doing bench testing, also known as wet testing. I don't think chemists work in pharmacies. I think those people have pharmacy degrees, not chemistry degrees. I know they get paid more than I do, but I love what I do and wouldn't want to count pills all day, even for more money.

yeah, ignore me. I was just getting confused as here pharmacies are called "the chemist".

Im interested in doing chemistry in university actually

Chemistry is one of those things that you either like or hate. I liked it and that is why I did pretty good with it in college, especially organic chemistry. When I got to physical chemistry, I had a rough time though. Quantum physics is not my idea of fun.

yeah this year (im 17) we did Organic Chemistry and about Enthalpy change, hess's law etc....

eh, out of the three main sciences taught in high school (biology, physics, and chemistry), chemistry was the only one that I didn't take the 2nd level and AP test.. I like it alright, but I love physics much more.. :)

the subjetcs i study at 6th form are chemistry, bilogy, computing and english