Its really funny to introduce my self here in the forum.

Even though I am a member of the forum for quiet a long time,
I hardly post here in the forum.

By the was I am Mr. Debasis Das .
I work as an Sr. Software engineer in a MNC .
My job profile is to design the database and develop the backend objects using Oracle PL/SQL.

Actually I am also a member of another forum where I act as the MODERATOR of the ORACLE & SQL SERVER forum.

Some times I also welcome new members.

Now lets see who is th lucky one here to welcome me.

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care to tell me the name of that other forum?

If u really want to know then u can easily find out by little googling with may username.


hi there,my name is Linda and am a new member.am a student and software engineering has been my dream now that av found a person like you,i hope we will exchange ideas and help each other thanks plz for immediate response to any thing you can contact me using this address:kirklynus@yahoo.com

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