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hahah..yea I saw that on the news yesterday.. apparently he spilled his drink, but other than that was perfectly fine :)


how did he get stuck facing foward if he was crossing the road?

I know,the chances of that happening are so high its not funny...... He must have had his angel making sure he was ok...


but a wheelchair hitting 50!
shocked that the rubber tires didn't blow out or summit! ~ not designed for excessive speed!


Me and my friends like to hold on to the back of one of our cars while we ride our skateboards. It's something to do when you're bored. One day we found the ice cream truck and hid behind it and rode on the back of it. Then the guy got out and yelled at us. It was funny. Those were the days...


eh.. skaters here are annoying.. always skating on private property and getn the police called on them.. I never really liked the whole skating thing ;)


Yeah, it's called skitching.

At places that have signs that say "No skateboarding" you can skate because no one will kick you out because they know you can't sue them because of the sign. If you skate somewhere that doesn't have a sign like that, they'll kick you out right away (strip malls, parks, other public places). We had one little crappy skatepark here that the city built a while ago and they just tore it down to make the parking lot bigger, and nobody even uses that parking lot. So now a lot of bikers, rollerbladers and skateboarders will be going to other less desirable (for the community) places. It didn't cost any money to keep it up. I think it was a stupid idea.


what u on about benent?, skateboarding is popular here! , u just have to know the right crowd. i do love the tricks the pro's pull though.........ah Tony Hawks pro skater....
made some awesome tricks on that game!


anything is popular if you know the right crowd :P

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yeah..hbk can work that crowd:)
Too right, apart from wrestling, ppl who dig that are just wierd.

> Yes, Praise God. That's incredible.
Yes, praise the wheelchair.

Praise the workers that made this quality product.


Wow, that must have been a totally terrifying and (maybe exciting at the same time??) experience!! That is totally awesome though that the person in the wheelchair wasn't injured though!! Wow!!


Land speed? You mean they tried it in the water?

They're going for the airspeed record next, I think they're going to dangle a rope from the back of a Super Hornet and tow someone along.

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