Hi Guys
I live on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia. My love of computers and all their problems started with the PC that had no hard drive and needed to be programmed to print on a nine pin dot matrix.

Many years later I have the same problems as anyone else with drivers, downloads, updates, microsoft, firewalls, security and upgrades to vista.

Lets get started.............. there is no beginning and no end to computer problems.................but there is nearly always a solution!;)

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Hey Josh

Nice intro! You are clearly in the same sinking boat as me - too many computers, and not many other interests! Alas it could be worse.

Thanks for the welcome


Wow you looked up my intro post??

Yea, I did not have a chance to mess with those original computers.. but I do love the computers of today! :)

Hope to see you around the java, tech, or geek's lounge!


Hello gorgeous lady..........

What a poetic gesture; oh and what a great movie! Did you see it?

Thanks for your welcome, hope we can chat again :pretty:

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