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Haha, yeah. It will make you go crazy. The one with the horse you have to spell out horse. The one with the colors you have to color in order. Boggy means blue orange green green yellow and the walking cigarette thing is "Cylindrical Adventures"


Question 42: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything. (hint: it's 42)

there's too many to pick!!! I only have one life left. :(

edit: nevermind i found another site to help XD i'm such a cheat.


what the fark, how is there 4 holes in a polo?

Um, have you tried counting? They're not counting the button holes...


One in the a, another in the p, another in each o. Some of them I don't understand the logic. Does anyone understand why n comes after December 2nd?


That still doesn't make sense to me. Because it's spelled 2nd so the n and d and question mark are all included in the question so it would have to be what comes after that too.


>Um, have you tried counting? They're not counting the button holes...

Yeah i saw P O O three. Mum said "and the one in the middle". If ya doing it like that, then there's only one 'cause the rest are dips :P

also i found a step by step guide http://escapetheroom.blogspot.com/2007/03/impossible-quiz.html#comment-4911986997441611409

I got to around 80 something, with abit of help before i said "Kim, you've been doing this THREE HOURS. Stop, now." :D

You have to count the a too. "How many holes in a polo?"


How do you do the one where you go the button,then there is pink, and you can't touch the pink?It talks about a bridge.


Yeah, but go further down in that forum and someone explains how it was originally meant to be done. BTW you can do the same thing as you did when you get to the shooting star game to make it easier.

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