I'm a 58 year old and have been in the computing business in one form or another since 1973.
I've run the gaunlet of operator - junior programmer - senior programmer - analyst - dp manager - project manager and back down as IT Support Analyst, MI Analyst etc.
I've successfully programmed for Local Government, Furniture Manufacture, Brewing, Media, Insurance, Banking, Printing and have experienced the good and the bad in computing.
I joined an insurance brokerage in January jumping from yet another redundancy only to find the company got taken over one month into the job and my current role is being re-examined in the light of recent take-overs
I've registered with this site because I found the help on my Access Query How To Password Protect Switchboard items very useful

I hope to contribute myself as and when the opportunity presents and thank you all for your interest in technology and your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

My big interest outside of computing is music and I have recorded two albums of my compositions and am working on a third with some very talented friends. I have no favourite genre but like all tuneful passionate music.

Thanks for the cool intro, and welcome to DaniWeb.

It's good to see more people with programming experience and a desire to help out. :)