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I'd like to indroduce you a nice freelancer site where I'm giving information about the newest Online Jobs, how to start it, how can you get paid, etc. Not only newbies - who want to start a work-at-home freelance career - but advanced programmers can also get some useful tips & infos there. I've had several successful jobs so far, that's why I want you to be informed about them:
Perl/CGI, PHP, ASP, C/C++, Java, JSP, Javascript, XML, Cold fusion, Flash, Python, Visual basic, .NET, Script installation, Website design, Graphic design, Search engine optimization (SEO), etc.
There are also other 'non-technical' jobs to, so you can still Make Money with doing things everybody knows:
Data entry jobs (mostly copy-paste), Data research/collection (finding specified info on the WEB), Translation jobs, etc.

So if you've already taken a fancy to some online jobs, check out this site: Online Jobs

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Hey bob welcome to daniweb. Great site you got there. :)

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