He is a featured Poster b/c he got member of the month for this month :) (It's in the monthly newsletter)

Hope Aia didn't bet against me, cause she would've lost lots of money...

i beat sk8... (sorry dude) and now looking forward to play jocamps...

whenever you're ready partner...

i am sorry nichito but i know facts. i've played both off you and i shall eat a hat without any tomato sauce if he loses. he really is very good. i have been the best player in my home town for years. i have provincial( similar to a US county ) colours too. And yet i believe he should have beaten me.

read the newsletter! i talk about the "myspace generation" posting games and which os is best

you can read the newsletters at the bottom of the page

@ narue.

i do not know if you are going to be online today but i am going to be here for long time. if i am missing between 10:30 and 11:30 GMT then it would be because i went get something to eat and would be back shortly. i would really like to play you. not the real game but for fun and training.

after having read your elaboration of my reply to josch's question i am sure that you are a better player than me but it will not be as easy as you think.

now for time. 6pm to 10pm for you is 1 am to 5 am for me. i am afraid that we shall have to make some compromises. i asume that you have internet access where you stay. cant you be online from 10 to 12 pm? then i am online from 5 am to 7 am my own time.

and o yes i did not mean to question your times. it is just that i have seen you online at 3 pm my time which is around 9 or 10 am your time a couple of times so i was curious. it is said that curiosity kills the cat but with nine lifes he can probably afford it!

I'll be around the better part of today. You can find me on the Daniweb IRC channel.

has anyone seen jocamps? we haven't played our match...

ha... i know... he's trying to psyche me out...

who is currently winning?

what are you talking about?

who is currently winning?

You can go to the "Chess Bracket" thread in the Geek's Lounge and see how everyone is doing. It looks like Narue is winning to me, but there are still other players that have a good chance.

lol, Bennet even mentioned me in the newsletter! :)
I am famous at last!! :P

@ josh/sk8 can i play real life chess on a proper board or does it have to be on yahoo, just so it is the same?

You live close enough to somebody to do that? Yeah, that's fair as long as you both aren't stubborn enough to declare each of you the winner and have a big argument, because there can't really be any witnesses. But I don't think that will be a problem. Everyone here seems mature enough, so yeah that'll be fine.

lol, i doubt we will argue over chess!
Thanks for the A-OK anyways sk8
btw i live about 2 miles from Mr. Bennet :P

hah.. yea, it doesn't matter how you play just as long as ya play. ;)

Good luck to ya both.. whoever wins has the misfortune of losing to me next :D

You can go to the "Chess Bracket" thread in the Geek's Lounge and see how everyone is doing. It looks like Narue is winning to me, but there are still other players that have a good chance.

narue is definitely winning. i had a few practice games against her yesterday and she made me look like a beginner.

good luck to anyone who are counting on luck to beat her. you are going to need an army of leprechauns and an airforce of four leave clovers to ever see yellow again.

josh said she is a beast. he is so wrong. she is a monster.

there is a subtle difference between a monster and a beast which the average person often often miss. you see a beast kills for food. a monster kills the beast for fun. in fact a monster rarely kills for food since it prefers to feel a prey struggle when being swallowed.

i once saw a monster reducing a beast to begging for mercy but since mercy is not in the vocabulary of a monster it did not understand what the beast was babbling about.

Okay.. anyway.. I hope I get another chance with Narue so I can kick her ASS! :)

Okay.. anyway.. I hope I get another chance with Narue so I can kick her ASS! :)

only in your dreams but even that could be dangerous. someone told me that muhamad ali, the boxer, once said that if you dream about beating him you better wake up and apologise.

Well then quit posting retarded stuff about how good narue is. Okay, we all know she's good, but seriously now, everyone posting stupid sh** about her being such a badass, and about her kicking all of our asses is just annoying (Okay, I admit I may have done that too ;)). I'm sure she is annoyed too.. Just shut up and play some chess. If someone is good then feel free to speak your mind; however, quit spamming idiotic comments.. The tournament is just for fun :)

[edit] I too think Narue is damn good, and that she can probably beat us all, but I'm not sitting here posting stupid comments and psyching everyone else out.

i get to face josh nxt, (lol i talking as if i've already beaten bennet :P) i have alreday lost to him as a 1 off game, i think i shall repeat that...

@ josch

>The tournament is just for fun

sorry. i did not realise. but since losing is never fun i usually try to win. i have lost against many people in my life but never to any one for very long. when someone beat me i look at why i lost and then practice so that next time i am a better match. like i said losing all the time is not fun.

>and psyching everyone else out.

i am not entirely sure what psycing out means. if it means scaring then i apologise. since words by themselves never scare me i tend to forget that others go into tremors of fear and raptures of panic at the mere mention of a name.

@ narue.

sorry for sending you a pm. i thought they were send to your email directly. it is just that i need to know today and i did not know if you would check daniweb before i leave for home at 14:00 GMT.

also if josch is right and we irritate you by saying how good you are then i apologise. you are the very best i ever played and you must forgive me for being impressed by you. many have beaten me in both chess and draughts but i have always known that beating them back is only a matter of training and time. i am not 100% sure that the same applies to you.

Okay.. anyway.. I hope I get another chance with Narue so I can kick her ASS! :)

sorry dude... but to do that, you must have to get past me... (as if i've already beatn jocamps :D)

Hey nichito! let's play now while i have time...

Aww I wanna see too.

nichito vs jocamps @ weasel way

i just beat jocamps...

man, i'm going through a winning strike... i'm coming for u josh!!! (or serunson or rashakil, if josh can't make it...)

Hey what happened to my game ? i was disconnected!

Hey nichito! i didn't move that queen, i swear to god i was disconnected!