Hollywood. No argument there as with magicians. Everything that comes from Hollywood is one hundred percent real. Lol.

What? Please explain what you're talking about. What was the effect and what do you think happened?

Please quote what you are commenting on... It helps understanding.

Mr. Magic man on the ITV series (I forget names, it was a few years ago) decided to "live in ice". A block of ice, in a studio. He was "hooked up" to heart monitors (which were actually connected to an assistant). He "lived" in the ice block, which was on a form of staging. It was revealed (after they showed highlights of the week - that's how the show was set up do trick: show how) he survived a week(ish, pretty sure it was a week) in the ice by regularly switching with a guy who was dressed the same (including face paint) while the assistants sprayed the ice stop it melting (and obstructing view) who was underneath the ice (in the staging bit the ice was sitting on.

David blaine lived in a box for a few months (again, years ago, i forget exact times) with only water. the box was suspended near tower bridge in London. He admited he switched with a double so he could go that long without food.

I think that answers your questions. And in other news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYxu_MQSTTY