I am interested in buying websites.

However, from my search, there are so many sites for sale out there with a lot of sellers asking way too much for their sites. Some of these sites do not even have any history of revenues. The sellers are so enamoured with their sites that they have this magic number they want for it. Any good business transaction only results in a fair price that works for the buyer and seller. It's not a one way street!

I am only looking at buying established websites with a history of reveneues.

My question is: Is there a standardized formula in deteremining a fair price to pay for a website that has some history of revenues?

Some people say, to project 1 year of gross revenues, others say 2 or even 3??? Most sites for sale now only have a few months of established revenues. My business experience would tell me that that based on only a few months of revenues, a fair price would only be 1 year's projected earnings.

Any one here has any input into this?


I am one of those odd people who thinks that the value of a business has much less to do with how much is currently being made and much more to do with future potential and what the new buyer can do to it with little effort.

For example, a site can be getting millions of visitors but might not be well-monetized and making practically nothing. A buyer can slap Google AdSense up on the page and instantly earn a five figure a month income (on a site that was previously bringing in $0/month) with about 3 minutes worth of effort.

ok, there are alot of web sites about web site worth on internet you can search it from google "how much is my web site worth?"

Then again you pay what you feel the site is worth.

You forgot "Smart pricing" , for first few months anyone can make good money from google adsense , but then google will start paying 1 cent per clicks , better buy some websites which are generating direct sales.