I am joining this dicussion forum as an active representative of <url snipped> leading company in webhosting and domain name registrations since 2000.

We think that an "Established company" becomes meaningless if it loses from sight what are the needs and expectations of its every-day customers.

That's why, in an effort to always provide better services and offers, we are now leading an intensive policy of discussion boards/articles writing penetration to get, hear and share the opinion of everyone.

We are not coming to spam with useless informartions. We tend to provide usefull resources; share tips and tricks, experience, testimonials; show the human dimension of our company and involve us into a direct communication with the world; At last, of course, promote our services and special offers.

Let's speak now ...

Of course you are in the right world.
any ways welcome to DANIWEB.COM

Thank you Debasisdas.

Is there any reason that the url in my first post was snipped ? ;)

Hi ... welcome to DaniWeb!

To preserve the integrity of our content and have unbiased discussions, we actually don't allow any company plugs within posts. The full lo-down is available by clickin the 'Rules' link at the top of the page. You're welcome to continue linking to your site via your signature and also by participating in our link exchange system (see www.daniweb.com/directory) which lets you post screenshots of your site in your member profile.