I needed some help w/ my computer & found this forum...(I'm NOT TOO computer savvy).....Could someone please direct me to the Correct forum where I can introduce what is probrobly a Simple problem to fix...........Thankyou for your help..........when not working or on line I love the beach, working in my garden & cooking....MAHALO!!

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Give us a clue regarding the nature of your problem and we might be able to point you towards the correct forum to go ask for help in.

DaniWeb members are good, but we are not mind readers :)

I tried to view an on line circular for a store(which i've had no problem doing in the past) and it says that I need "java Script" to do so, and that it was un done(or something) on my web browser. I looked in my index of windows XP for dummies in the index and saw nothing for "java script" or "web browser". I also clicked onto "my Computer" and was at a loss. MUCH appreciation if you can direct me to the right forum.

My problem that got me to this forum has been solved. I realize that it may have sounded very trivial/stupid, but I really don't know alot about computers(NO time to fit a class into my schedule), & don't do much of anything out of the ordinary when using it. Hope I can return in the future, should other problems arrive.....Thanks for those of you who may have viewed and/or responded.:)