I have been having an interesting with Jocamps, and SOS recently, and this is an interesting thought that cropped up.

Seeing as Dani aka cscgal, is the queen of daniweb, should she not be able to knight certain members?
This i believe would be a very good addition to Daniweb, all hail our queen :P

I don't think there's any purpose to this. Getting knighted by an online forum is like getting a diploma for graduating kindergarten.

Does it really matter?
It would be fun, and no one can stop fun taking place, unless you are some weird evil master mind...

Those things are left to the chat room. Here we're supposed to be more professional.

Sorry for my 'childish' nature :P

wah damn spam posting

Sorry for my 'childish nature :P

Hm... I guess in a way the moderators have been so knighted. Dani's way ahead of you :P