One of our greatest gifts is out intuition.
It is a sixth sense we all have –
we just need to learn to tap into and trust it.”

Sometimes you got to get sick before you can feel better. Frank Zappa

To die not owing anybody any money should be regarded as a missed opportunity.

"believe in fate,it won't mislead you"

do your works without thinking about 'thoughts of the day'

(from my Xperience,hehe)

I wish some body would teach common sense.

There is no point at which having arrived we can remain.

Set one foot in front of the other!

Some people find fault like there is a reward for it .

You don't have to bait the hook, if the fish is already in the boat.

The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.

The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet.

If you spent 3 minutes reading and understanding each TOTD, it would take you 20 hours to reach the end of this thread. Time for a quick nap, and dream of what tomorrow might bring.

20 hours, hmm...

"Time spent reading these thoughs is time wasted."

Let others lead small lives,
but not you.
Let others argue over small things,
but not you.
Let others cry over small hurts,
but not you.
Let others leave their future
in someone else's hands,
but not you.

you can accomplish any thing in life, as long as you don't mind who gets the credit.

If you look into the future, don't forget the past.

Be kind to unkind folks they need it the most.

Goodwill to all mankind!

inventions never waits

Begin where you are. Begin now.

keep your friends close, your enemy closer.

Folks who lack will, lack strength.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Walt Disney

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.

Havelock Ellis

A person who has no future will not embrace the past.