To get guaranteed results, a light must be lit to point the way to victory.

If helium is funny Then what is sad?

Autumn's leaves are spring's arrivals.

For a story to begin, another story must end.

If the #'s for "I Love You" are "1 4 3" Then what do the #'s in "Area 51" stand for?

The further away from shore one gets, the deeper the sh.t he can get into.

(pardon the choice of "word", for I am Not pure.blood american)

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If helium is funny Then what is sad?


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If helium is funny Then what is sad?

How about Phosphorus, Astatine, Hydrogen, Osmium?

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In an elemental world my dear...daniweb.members, we are IT and being "it" is not being human, it is being elemental.

GameSpy To (,that should be safest email.inbox on line, "If" .i. use Windows 7:)"Dark Souls Hits PC in August"(,fugged.up)

Does thieving the internet offend the internet? Reason asking: Internet does not speak for it's self, yet?.

Leave a path of action for those of limited abilities and you shall share something that even an Ace cannot beat.

To think about something that has no value is to think about Nothing that might have a value.

A place of wonder in a violent world is defined as "wonderlent?". xD

Start today with injuries from yesterday and you shall end the war tomorrow, flawlessly.

Throw far and throw close, yet do not throw nearby, for it is lethal.

A new lotus with a fat body and dope shoes, could be a schweet 4th of July for someone here and there.

No expenses at all for dope shoes we might drive somewhere, should be a bonus.

Even if I chose not to decide, I still made a choice.

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They say "Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil". What would "they" say about someone evil that has no mouth and ears, that this someone would have to say or hear?

Transport a laughter to another human and you connect the comedy of humanity.

A youthful life can also lead without spilling their juice, Not just the "so-called" grown ups.

It does not take education and diplomas to lead, it takes wisdom and a courageous free will.

More than two tots, I mean thoughts, can be a handful, though for the record, Obama will win this year's election.

Keep up with the images of today's world and you keep up with everything that life offered until today.

Frozen in time are my thoughts, for time has frozen.

Undiscovered territories are to be discovered off-world, for we are discoverers by birth.

The Week is not a week, it is something greather than the weak.

For a liar to be speaking the truth, would only be a lie.

Since a tot, I mean thought, was posted for the record, today shall be a day full of thoughtful tots, unleashed. xD (:getting tot less here,.brb;)

Fashion is indulgent and perfection is destructive, though combined...