A great wise.someone once said "It's all fun and games until 'someone' gets hurt.", though what will another to be a great wise.someone have to say about it "when that 'someone' dies in the process"?
How can someone try to cover their sh.t, when they don't have any sh.t to cover?
In our reality as humans, we age by day and night.
In the reality of the heavens, we only age when our soul is not suspended in time; as when awake and fully aware of the surroundings.
As a human being, how old are you in the eyes of the heavens, if not counting the time spent sleeping without dreams?
As an example, I (codeorder) am 33yrs.old, and in the reality of the heavens, I am not even 18yrs.old.
If you are not welcomed in my heart, especially more than once, then why keep my love away from others while you keep knocking on my heart's door?

Regarding my previous.post containing this:

As a human being, how old are you in the eyes of the heavens, if not counting the time spent sleeping without dreams?

I came to a conclusion.

How young is your spirit?/soul?/etc.? compared to your age?; For I do feel as a 17yr.old in a 33yr.old body. :)
Fear not to make a simple routine as a simple walk in the park, stroll through a mall, coffee break at a coffee.shop, etc.; done at least once a week on the similar.day each week, and greet all the life around you with warmth for at least a few seconds; even if just a simple smile that says hello. Sooner or later, the previously greeted life will return the warmth and eventually return it to you before you even start taking your routined.journey; even if it is just a flower blooming in the wind, it will greet you with warmth.
"yet", as in "Not yet.", is a sign towards something that could someday be great, if hope is involved.
Old people forget sh.t due to asthma not arthritis.
May I have a word while I drink my presidential spit in a cup(forgot what to do, a ?mark or a ., sec, getting old, forgetting sh.t, brb, gotta pee).
The previous thought I had, lost my current thought, and thus I start again this thoughtful journey, thoughtless and .Clear minded.
Anybody else gotta pee again? Sucks getting old. :(
A little hurt can end up killing someone, thus be careful what you give to others in small packages; for it is quite known that "Big things come in small packages".
Shatter thy mind with thy difference, and change the world's way of thinking for the day.
With today's cnn.news shared through google.images, I keep up the pace with the world's morning.walk.
If God can heal a human then he can also possess their soul; he just did not mention that part in the bible. Are these left out written doings done in good.faith?or did he have to keep a secret or two, just to "keep it real"?
If you are going to "get there someday no matter what", then why not take the scenic route and if there isn't one, take the time to create one, for you will "get there someday no matter what".
Greenpeace is not Bluepeace, and sometimes water can be simply clear; and since clear is not a color, is blue actually the color of clear?
When it comes to knowledge of the bible, I am very limited since I not once have bothered to read this holy.book entirely, just a few passages from it.
Christian by birth, atheist nowadays by choice(:call it some sort of freedom that I can actually declare without a doubt(since living in the .us nowadays):), I am a bit confused on this following thought.
As I know of God, he is just a cloud with an eye. Has no ears and no mouth, correct?
I do know that somewhere in Revelations, when supposably he comes down to Earth in his little holy.throne, with some creatures around him, those do have quite a few ears and mouths. The thought that confuses .Me, is: "who actually listens and responds" to someone's prayers? and does God only approve/decline a prayer and Nothing Else?
Could this be a reason you might have noticed preachers/nuns/etc. in movies say "You have to say/do x.amount of Hail Mary's"? And are those preachers/nuns/etc. just making sure that each and every one of the ears around God gets your message and not just one?
Well renowned quote for "Be Careful What You Eat" is mostly mentioned by those that purchase a meal at a place that swaps chicken/beef/etc. with cat/dog/etc. meat.
What would a well renowned qoute be for what is found in the burger of the following image?

(img.located and slightly edited from: http://futiledemocracy.wordpress.com/tag/jesus/)

.ever thought of using the "." key instead of the "Shift" key when starting a new paragraph? .what about using.a.dot/etc. for.the.space.key? Reason, a little.difference can be good for the soul, if in a Constant.Loop.
.note.to.God: Stare through my eyes if you can, and you will only see how retarded you look while you posses someone's soul.
From my totful mouth to the world's thoughtful ears, I will pass this on to those that will feel it in their hearts to start building the following Structure.
Structure Thoughts_of_the_Day
Since we use the internet on a daily basis, why do we not support the little things from it that makes the biggest difference of them all, as Thoughts of the Day.
If news media as cnn.com/newspapers/local news channels, would search the internet on a daily.basis and extract one thought of the day from a forum/webpage, to share with the rest of the world, we might actually connect with one another in more ways the one. This thought can possibly be displayed at the beginning or the end of the..., even if just for a few seconds, it might change someone's life entirely.
To define this Structure a little better, a simple "Daniweb.com", "username.here", and the "Thought of the Day", would be sufficient to give credit to everyone and anyone that had anything to do with providing such...?
End Structure

(: .as any thought, it it just a thought and is always more and more defined until not a thought at all, until a...Structure?
For me, this thought is not my thought anymore, it is a doorway to your thoughts, thus enjoy. :)

How one grows from a kid into a warrior, is mystical in the eyes of life.
By birth, we are born warriors, by death, we die as servants; and it's all done in the name of life, to keep it alive.
Assassin's Creed - No.thing is Tru.e, Everything is Permitted.
IT's Creed - Forget Nothing and Form.at Everything.
That little.feeling that some.humans get, humans call it faith; that little.feeling that only a few.humans get, demi.gods call it knowledge.
To strengthen and honor "one.soul", "one.body" of water was born, "and one.mind" had to...

To strengthen and honor "one.soul", "one.body" of water was born, "and one.mind" had to...

why do you put a full stop (period) in random places? are you posting in some sort of code we (prossibly just me) don't know about?


why do you put a full stop (period) in random places? are you posting in some sort of code we (prossibly just me) don't know about?

.it's work in progress and in a.way, blueprints that have to be.dotted.

Beyond a desktop's background and into a galaxy I see, my own reflection.