Sooner or later, everything that can fall apart, will be forgotten?.

After a Constant.Array of shared Thoughts, one should become partly.cloudy and start pouring tears from the clouds.

Care not of the trails of wisdom, unless they lead where you are needed.

A "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!" is no "BOO BOO" though a "BOO BOO" is definitely a "BOOOOOOOOOO!!!". xD

Why are you at my heart and not in my heart?

Plan B is always better than plan A. Reason: You already have the blueprints for plan A to make progress with.

If you take this post, roll it into your mind, and fire it up in your heart, what result would it be other than a mind, body, and soul smoking a thought?

If it is not somewhere.near and it is not somewhere.far, Then it is somewhere.Else.

If you had more than one door to unlock, why only have a Key West?

To be at comfort, it can be as simple as owning a pair of Nike shoes.

The result from a wonder.bra, is a wonder.bro.

If you can iron and fold this thought ten times, then you are definitely due for a Ten-Fold reward.

If iron ='s strength and fold ='s care, then I have already folded enough to iron your Thoughts of the Day, more than Ten-Fold. :)

Beyond 10th place in the circle of life, is not human, it's a monkey throwing sh.t beyond evolution.

If the sun dissapears off the radar, though still shines in your face, are you facing the sun or...?...

It's better to be in the office at 7.30am on a sunny Sunday, and finished by lunch, than to start work at 10am and waste the whole day there...

Why do some of us care to share if nothing is shared in return?

How does one even begin to bury a day that passes away?

A beautiful mind from a beautiful world, silences my thoughts.

The 7 deadly sins are incomplete.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.

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Tis ruin if man do an unbefitting thing;
Fit things to leave undone will equal ruin bring

If I would feel the need to vote on every post in this thread, I would not be unique.

Say hello and say good to bye, and say endlesslessy with care: "IT's a Beautiful Day, don't let it get away. You're on the road, but you got no destination,..., Day, day, day, day,dayyyyyy, IT's a Beautifffffffuuul Daaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!"

(.if I could sing as I think, I'd be a...?...)

If I had only question to ask God, I would stare him in his little beady.eye as if I would step on him like an ant, and ask "What the Fu.k are you doing?".

Without stepping on your enemy, you will never realize what they are truly capable of.

To earn the world's respect, is to earn...

Who griefs confront with meek, ungrieving heart,
From them griefs, put to grief, depart.

Meaning:They give sorrow to sorrow, who in sorrow do not suffer sorrow.

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“What you really valve is what you miss, not what you have.” - J. L. Borges