Yay i have finally hit 1000 posts!
I now join a select club of people with a star, how nice, i thank you Daniweb!

Congrats to Serunson for the each of the 1000 posts.

One of these days I may just pass you up...

nice one, now go get a life ;)

Im winning though hehehe ;)

Im winning though hehehe ;)

Is it really 'winning' when you've got such a head start going for you?

I didnt post5 at all for like 9 months at one point so in reality i joined in 2006

Still almost a year's head start.
Jbennet, I dub thee 'Tortoise'.
Serunson, I dub thee 'Achilles'.

Why thank you EnderX, at least i have some sort of power with that name...

Yay my name wins because i beat the hare in a race in aseops fables whereas serunson died from being shot in the ankle wuth an arrow in greek muthology

I die by an arrow? Sweet! :P
Better then being hit by a blunt object, least i go down with some glory...

Are either of you two gentlemen familiar with the name Zeno of Elea?

lol congrats Serunson i cant wait to get my first star :-/

7 soon for me - i have the same rep blocks now as dani hehehe

This thread is about me not you james! :P

> i have the same rep blocks now as dani hehehe

I forgot about that... again. :)