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New Zealand! But then again, I am a die hard Canadian.. love Canada, hate the government here. :-)

Australia is a close Second!

Been to both....


I don't think I'll end up ever leaving the good old US of A. But, if I had to go somewhere, it would be the UK (heh, Dani beat me to it!)


Italy - just about anywhere
Ireland - mostly just the countryside with MAYBE a sprinkling of their larger towns
France - Eiffel Tower & The Louvre
Germany - one word: autobahn; ok, 2 words: autobahn + Porsche ;-)
Russia - St. Petersburg: the city & especially the cathedral, but only IN THE SUMMER!
Luxemberg - isn't it the smallest country in the world? gotta walk through that! ;-)


What is your favourite country you have ever visited or you'd like to visit?

UK or BC


Sweden and Switzerland, they're the most liberal countries on the planet. I'm going there next summer.


I LOVE the US, (here in Middle Tennessee it's just so beautiful!) but I would like to visit three places:

Ireland- the land of my ancestors, my Clann has a castle there
Japan- Beautiful countryside, awesome looking cities, seemingly cool nightlife.
South Korea- Again, beautiful countryside. EVERY person I've ever met from South Korea (I've met LOTS of them) are very cool. For some reason, South Korea seems similar in feel to Tennessee-- the food, the people, and the landscape.


I already live in the greatest place on Earth. I've never found reason to want to be elsewhere, and don't ever expect to.


After all, when my leisure time is spent stretched out under the stars in wondrous places like this:


or sitting back after a day on the bountiful Lakes, eating freshly caught fish , the smell of a eucalyptus woodfire wafting by and the sight of a beautiful sunset in front of me


why the hell would I want to be elsewhere?


There aren't many places I would like be other than this land of the long white cloud.
Maybe somewhere with megalithic stone structures..


Best place to be ... Saskatchewan ..... in the center of Canada .... a good place to view the rest of the world from ..... this is Eden!

Those who come here know that "all other places on the globe pale in comparison" ... indeed we are among the most fortunate of the species in every aspect of moving through all elements of this 'mortal coil' called life -- nuff said!


Hey, old fella. You've got me a tad puzzled now. Eden's just a few hours up the road from me, and I've been summerin' there since my kids were much tinier tackers than my grandkids are now!

heh heh.....


(And nah, we don't do the Tourist bit. We go bush!)

I have to admit Catweazle that your Eden down under has weather that looks looks much more palatable than our 'miles & miles' of 'miles & miles' .... mostly wheat and cows (the odd mad one to boot!)


Hmmm... Some place... Does it have to be real? Cause I'd love to go to Albertain... but in that case, I would love to go to the UK. I have many friends there.

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