Name: Justin
Nickname: PsyKo, J, Smurf, Boy.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Location: UK, Essex
Age: Just turned 19 :D

Hobbies: Music - Writing and Playing, play bass guitar, lead guitar, keyboard/piano.... check out sum of the stuff @ <url snipped>
im playing the bass in thm songs.... sound aint the best but hey its all good fun :D

also played in a metal/rock/gothic band, ill link sum of the stuff later... btw i aint got the curtains no more!!! lol XD

Relationship: Single :/

Fav Music: mostly rock, KoRn were a big influence on me guitar and bass as well as Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage agaist the Machine....

Currently own 3 basses and 1 guitar....
4 Stiring Cruiser - this is the 1 in the youtube vids, sanded most of it down to get the grain effect, still aint finished it tho !!!
5 string ibenaz
4 string fretless westone

7 string washburn guitar - my baby :D

current effects line up consist of
zoom 505 II
zoom g2.1u
boss metal zone II
boss distortion I
boss octave dropper II
Flanger - forget make

and loads and loads of leads.... got a trade account with a supplier coz i go through so many!!!!! eeKK!!!!

Work wise im a partner within a computer company based in clacton, mostly deal with virus and spyware problems, installing and configuring devices ect, network setup and maintanence, software conflicts, all the usuall home user problems.

there you go thts me in a long list of randomniss!!! lol :D
wanna know me thn ask :D lol

nice profile

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