:confused: :confused: I know there is alot to learn in the world of information technology,but where do i start if am going to make headway in it

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Well, lets see, I am no expert on the topic but I'm sure I can pitch in my two cents...
First of all You question is kinda vague, there are many aspects to the IT industry -- So therefore I must provide a vague answer.
Asking questions, like you have done, is a great way to begin.
They are the fastest way to get answers about particular interests you have in the industry (duh).
Also, have you considered obtaining IT certifications?
the link will describe them in more detail if you do not know about them. They are industy recognized certifications that show that you have technical knowledge of a certain aspect of the IT industry.
If you wish to progress even further in your IT career, I would seriously consider getting a college degree in subjects like computer science, computer engineering, etc.

But if you just are wanting to get information about IT, no rescource can beat the Web. Just google your interest and a gold mine of rescources are bound to be at your fingertips.

Hope this helps.

-Soral 3.0


Okay, first of all, you probably won't make it if you don't know the right people. It's all about who you know. The 'IT industry' is full. All that is available now is are positions for people who want to be System Analysts or Consultants who basically travel like carnies to sell their products (programs) to various companies that have outdated or non-user friendly (most of the time these phrases are interchangable) software. Or you can do the other position where you are a low level programmer that slaves over a keyboard all day and writes code like a monkey playing an achordian whilst your slave driver with the whip (whoever is the head of IBM staff management at the time) stands over you and yells. Or you can just look for a redneck town in which no one knows about computers and will pay you 50 bucks to hook up a cable modem (which my friend does, and I am sure god hates him for ripping people off, but I love him because I wish I had beat him to the idea first). I mean, come one, it takes all of what... 5 minutes tops to do that. So yea, move to a red neck town or slave over a keyboard while doing calculus in your head. If you don't plan on doing either then you have no future. Yes, the towns like NewYork and California look big and promising with so many computers everywhere, but that's where all the people rush to because it looks like there are positions there because of all the computers. So go somewhere else. Here in North Carolina we are finally getting hit with technology, and I am seeing the profits as I know the info about computers while it's happening and I get a head start on the newbies. Also it helps to learn at a young age and get a head start. I am 16 and I started programming and repairing computers at age 11. It's tough and takes dedication, but if you love it you won't care, like me!

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