Guys, i m in need of some game sprites. I am trying to make some game using directX. The game is like a space shooter. So i am looking for a nice looking space-fighter with three sprites: one for straight , other two for left and right movement. And i also need sprites for enemies . Could any one tell me where can i find those? I tried the google search, but i wasnt that lucky(looks like i m not so good at searching:o). Whatever, i m goint to sleep now and when i wake up i want to see some answer. Is that clear:evil:? Otherwise i will blow up this forum:mad:. Sorry, just kidding:mrgreen:.

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Some disguise in the name of gamesprites.com, i c. LOL

give me some idea of what your looking for and ill see what i cant doo for you. mind you i have school, but this sounds like fun.

you can email me at backlash49 at gmail dot com

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