:icon_eek: Hi every one. I'm so glad I read the anouncements before I posted this introduction. Would have felt quite the fool had I learned the rules after I broke them:D
I have no idea about the social expectations in a forum situation as this my first time ,so please be gental with me.:S
I am new to computing ( relitively speaking ) 5 years ago I was given my very first computer and some one had to show me how to turn it on, I found that it was imune to flurtation or threats ! Finally something that made complete sence to me had entered my life and from that day foward I was hooked.
I am completely self taught and enjoy the admiration of friends and family as an honorary GEEK! So please help me figure out where to start with an actual education whereby I could have an oppertunity to earn a living doing the first thing I have ever been so in love with that it tends to preclude all else. I enjoy making broken computers work . I enjoy troubleshooting errors ect. I havnt a clue about code or what it means when I read about algorythyms ,c+ ,c++ or any of that and havnt been able to pull my head out of my case long enough to try and learn about any of it. I'm ashamed that at almost 50 I know so little about so much.
So now I'm on a mision to find a path to that education . Can any one else relate to this, I cant be the only late bloomer on the web?

Well, learning is a never ending process. Sometimes neccesity creates the event of learning and moreover all depends of individuals interest. Computers is not the only field but yes its hot. Take for instance me, I am new music learner like you are in case of computers. So in a way I can relate to you ;)