Tryiing to secure funding to develop a new technology is not so easy ... US Government seems determined to squander dollars on equipment for the TSA at airports yet won't spend a dime to help a small business bring cutting edge 4G wireless to the table.

I went to airport last week ( FL to CT ) ... what a joke & disgrace for "security". People standing in line like sardines in a can, waiting to be inspected for bombs and tubes of toothpaste. Must have been 100-150 in line all packed in. People walking up in line, back & forth, all carrying suitcases, backpacks, purses, and every other sort of container that could have been detonated & killed all those people.
TSA could care less. They were more interested in confiscating people's hairspray & water bottles so you had to buy more in the airport stores on other side of security checkpoint.

Our luck will run out one day ... why blow up an airplane when you can blow up 100+ people at security checkout. Effect is the same - the airport shuts down & the airlines suffer $$$ lost.

I proposed a terahertz based technology to the US Government & they responded no interest, yet they squandered $ 100 MM on x-ray devices for people that can cause all sorts of disorders, and it won't work at more than 6' distance. My technology would have detected explosive compounds at distances of 3000' from airport entrance.

Does anyone know of an investment group tired of pouring money into stale technology - that wants to help do something to make America stronger? Obliged for any names & telephone numbers.

With many thanks and much appreciation,
Dan T

Gaiacomm International Corporation

your rant shows that the government was correct in turning down your proposal.
It stinks of incredible immaturity and an utter lack of capacity for analytical thought which can only mean your plan is not feasible, certainly not when executed by you.

"Wireless technology" is why we are losing our analog TV channels in 2009.

And too much government spending is why we are losing jobs.

Oh damn. I hoped this thread would be a rant about using RFIDs in passports. <threadHijack>Does anyone know if the new US passports have been hacked yet?</threadHijack>

Does anyone know if the new US passports have been hacked yet?

I don't know. The new Dutch passport containing chips were compromisd within days of being first released last year and probably use a similar system.

Government shouldn't have the power to know who people are, let alone force people to have passports.

Governments should have that power, but the exercise of it should be limited to specific situations.
Situations like people entering the country, people voting in elections (to make sure only citizens vote, NOT what they vote), people requesting government services (so all services paid in part or full with tax money).

But NOT to track the movement of citizens.

it sounds to me like you are suggesting new places for the terrorist to commit their evil deads! Thanks for scaring the rest of us!

Money talks! Stick a bundle of hundred Dollar bills in an envelope, freezer ready, wrapped in saran wrap, and hand it to a politician in charge of oversight for that agency. That's the way things are done!