Hello, i am seeking competent english writers for an up and coming professional security agency web site.

we have yet to launch the web site, due to the need of written material.

The material that needs to be written is guides on phishing and scamming protection and awareness. This is a volunteer job, but you will be given credit for good work that makes it on to the site.

If you are interested, please contact me on aim for the details:


thank you very much

btw, this is a non committing job, if you just want to write a small guide, anything is great


if you are interested, please contact me on aim
aim address: greecianurn


hello, does anybody want to do this at all??

this is a chance for your writing to be seen by lots of people, featured on a large security companies website!


Offering to give someone "credit" in return for an article that they voluntarily wrote is not likely to attract very many skilled writers. Try to come up with some bonus or benefit, because people aren't just going to endlessly supply you with content.

i am reasonably skilled at writting english and i would write some stuff if you would except my writting.

please be more specific on where or how to contact you. it is almost impossible to understand your contact details.

also i might be skilled at writting but i know nothing of what you are talking about. so am i going to have to do the research as well? if it is voluntary then that is asking for a bit much.