I'm tired, but can't sleep. I want to read the rest of my book, but I'm angry after just reading the first few pages. I have a cooked crab sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me to eat it. Why are these faces looking at me like that? What? You got a problem?!?! Thought so. So, I think I could use some tea. Oh man. I left my coffee cup in my back pack. It probably got all over that book I want to read. MAN! Those faces are still looking at me. Why the heck did I put my speakers so close to my chair? They are loud. I guess I could turn the stereo down. That's too much to program into my head right now. Stop typing. Lift left hand. Move left hand towards mixer. Place hand on channel one level control. Ahhh. Whatever. Am I bored? I must be.

Anyone seen that commercial where the lady is like, "Yeah. He was telling another one of his stories..." The scene flashes to a guy talking to some other guy in monotone and with pause. Then, the guy being talked to just drops over. Poor thing. I hope I don't have that effect on you guys. Hmmm.... Okay. I think I should really get back to work now. Blah.


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hahahahaaaa!! Way to spam,eh?

But a good idea for a topic anyway.

OK, I'm really supposed to be watchin' a movie. Picked up 'silence of the Lambs' today real cheap on DVD, and I haven't watched it for ages. Ole Hannibal was just gettin' carted out on a furniture trolley, and I decided to pause it and make a brew. Big mistake!

Gettin' up to make it and I wandered off to the PC while the kettle was cookin'. Bloody forums! I've been sittin' here half an hour or more now and the damned kettle's gone cold again. Oh well, time to get up from the chair and go cook the thing again. Later dudes.......


Well, the book I wanted to read wasn't hit by the coffee, but the almanac was. Ah well. Anyway. Here I am again, being bored and forum-surfing. I'm hungry. I just had milk and cookies and now want to sink my teeth into some flesh. Ah yes. The taste of cooked meat. See ya, gotta go. (Rushing out the door)


P.S. Thanks for the entertainment. Better than TV. Not that I watch it, so I can't really compare. Better than malt-o-meal. Yeah. Hey, I like malt-o-meal.

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