Hi all!
Just thought I'd stop by and say hello, by way of introduction.

I'm a syadmin looking after about 30 servers in an Amsterdam datacenter. Most of them are Linux of some flavor, with an occasional FreeBSD box here or there. Our friends in Redmond are currently not represented at all.

In no way would I describe myself as a guru, or anything remotely approaching that elevated status. At best, I'm a journeyman. I joined this community to sharpen my terrible shell scripting and php skills, and hopefully give something back to others, if a question rolls around that I'm actually qualified to answer!

This does seem like a friendly community, (well organized too) having read through the "Rules" section a few minutes ago. So, I'm hoping that this is the community I stay in. Between spamming, flame wars, and offensive remarks, most "communities" I had previously joined, proved to be a less than ideal experience, and I baled out after some period of time.

Anyway, so far it's good to be aboard, and I wish everyone a pleasant day.

May the Arc and its Gaseous Shield be with you all. Use eye protection at all times, and avoid flying slag like the plague.
Bob The Welder

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