Thanks for the script Daniel!! You made it easier for a newbee

Name: Michele
Nickname: Shell (mostly by my close friends and Family)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: UMMMM I decline to answer.....
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Location: IL (recently relocated from Ohio)
Age: 41
Hobbies: I like taking pictures and editing them (which is why I need my computer to be top notch) I love Scrapbooking, reading, knitting, crocheting. I like hanging with the family. Camping, swimming.

Right now I am to busy for all that stuff because my job is an hour a way from home and my son is in Football and band. SO I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME!! in the car.

Relationship Status: Happily married 20 years!!

Fav Music: I have an appreciation for all styles of music. I have recently become a member of the channel surfing club, which I previously dispised!! I can't do Heavy Metal or Gangster Rap as far as I am concerned it is not music it is noise. But that is my opinion.

Education: I graduated High School and all the rest was on the job training!!

Work: Customer service/inside sales for a company that sells photographic supplies.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Chinese/Spanish Food, Chicken, Steak, Tacos, and Fetuccini Alfredo ( I agree with Daniel Except I would put Steak before pizza.)

Favorite Movies: Any chic flic, love the stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but doesn't gross you out.

Favorite TV Shows: OK I am an American Idol Junkie. Can't wait for the next season. All the CSI's and Desperate housewives.

Favorite Video Games: I suck at video games. I stick to solitaire

Stuff you Dislike: I have a lot of soap boxes. I won't bore you with the details.

Welcome, maybe this will keep you out of the car more.