Hi everyone

I'm Sam, 72 retired manager; only became interested in computers at 65...recently completed third self build and having trouble with BSOD 0X00000012 and when I searched for an answer was led to this site. Not solved yet, but learning.

Growing old is mandatory
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With relation to your BSOD, what OS are you running (windows 2000, xp, vista) and which service pack?

Generally that error means a bad 3rd party driver. Try booting in safe mode and seeing if it occurs. If not then you know it must be a driver problem (in safe mode only core Microsoft drivers are loaded)

Welcome, I hope your problem is solved soon, this is a great place to find the answer.

Thank you
I have windows XP SP2
I will try safe mode as you suggest

My sound card is Sound Blaster Audigy SE; similar to the one in the previous 'stop' problem

Try safe mode. If the error doesnt occur in safe mode then boot into normal mode (but remove all non-essential cards and peripherals) and see if it happens. If it still is fine then add the peripherals one at a time until you find the one causing the problem.

Many thanks

I will try your suggestions and respond with the result in due course

Again, thank you.

Many thanks jbennet

By your process of elimination the "problem" was the Creative Audigy SE card.

I uninstalled, removed the card and used the onboard audio and have had no crashes since.

I understood onboard audio was not good and a sound card was needed but sounds seem OK to my ear and I can adjust tone etc. (Board is Asus M2N SLI De Luxe)

The resolution of problems and the satisfaction/learning I find very therapeutic.

Growing old is mandatory
Growing up is optional.

Yeah, the problem is most likely that the driver for the Audigy didnt like your windows installation rather than that the card is bad.

To most people onboard = good sound card

Unless you play games, or do recording for a band, or have a large speaker system, you are just fine with onboard sound.